About us

Lighthouse Registrars Limited, a subsidiary of Lighthouse Financial Services Ltd was incorporated on 21st December 1987.

We are a private limited liability company set up to carry out the Registrars function in accordance with the provisions of the Investment and Securities Act (ISA) 1999, and the Rules and Regulations of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

Our Strategy

We are equipped with highly sophisticated software and strong back-office capabilities/expertise to fulfil your shares registration needs. This helps in

  • Creating considerable goodwill between shareholders and the clients through prompt handling of queries/complaints on dividends, share holding, change of addresses, bank mandate, amalgamation of share certificates, consolidation of accounts and probate/letters of administration in respect of the estate of deceased shareholders.
  • Rendering timely returns/information to the regulatory authorities i.e The Nigerian Stock Exchange (CSCS) and Securities and Exchange Commission for dissemination to stockbrokers and shareholders alike.

Whether providing complete registration services or handling a specific corporate action project, we work in partnership with our clients and their advisers to understand their unique requirements and deliver successful and innovative solutions.

Our Approach

We work in partnership with our clients and believe our people can make the difference and that’s why we have adopted a personal and flexible approach and are focused on delivering what we promise.
We have some of our people who listen to our clients’ requirements and proactively seek ways to assist in the shortest time possible. Our staff share best practices and keep clients up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

Volumes: Large and Small

We handle registers of various sizes from small recently floated companies to large multinationals. Specialist teams, either focused on the company or a particular process, ensure all clients benefit from concentrated knowledge pools regardless of the size of their register.

Dedicated Shareholder Communication

We take responsibility for providing a consistently high-quality service each time we interact with clients’ shareholders. Our call centre and correspondence teams are a dedicated contact point designed to respond to all our clients’ shareholder enquiries. The teams respond to enquiries at the initial point of contact and are supported by the latest register and corporate actions information from across the business.


We continually ensure that accurate shareholder records are maintained. Our real-time computer system enables us to reflect changes in shareholder details and share ownership whilst maintaining direct automated links with CSCS and our client companies.

Quality Standards

We have strict service levels, confidentiality policies, and audit processes throughout our business and operate in accordance with industry requirements and guidelines including those of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other regulatory bodies where applicable.

Our locations

Head Office

Kingsway Building (1st Floor)
2/4 Davis Street, Marina,
Lagos Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

+234 803 744 6324
+234 907 445 7866